A History Played Out in Cards: Deal, Bet, Play and Win

By 04 March 2021

Playing card games has been part of human history dating as far back at the early 13th and 14th Centuries. It has been played through every country and in every form. It has transformed and evolved into a splendour of various forms of entertainment and our blog gives praise to the joys of card play and how it has risen through the ages.

Though the roots of playing cards is somewhat obscured by history, speculation and theory sees the game beginning in Europe during the 13th Century. This is met with sceptics that argue that cards originated out in the East that perhaps became introduced by Arabs as early as the 12th Century.

This is further argued, again, adding to the mix of opinion that card play may stretch back further to the Ming Dynasty in the 9th Century, roughly the same period dominos was created.

With so much conjecture over when games were played, getting an idea of the actual games that took place is just as hard to decipher, but one clear fact remains, without the beginning we wouldn’t be in the fortunate position of having the following games that are now a favourite to the main that enjoy them as game of fun and games of fortune!


This card game has seen much change and adaption just as the history of card. The term blackjack sprung up from American casinos which originally began as Twenty-One. Variant of the game include Pontoon and European Blackjack.

The rules of the game are fairly standard. Players are dealt two cards and from these, the score of 21 or as close to 21 must be obtained to win the game. This all began as a game played out between players as a source of fun but made its way into the casinos for people to play against the dealers.

Blackjack online can be played with multi-decks, taking it away from the standard single 52-card deck.


Known as Punto Banco, baccarat is similar to blackjack in that of the two cards dealt, players must get to a score that hits 9. The rules of the game, however, allows for the competing players to either wager the opponent/banker will win, or if their own hand will win, or if the game ties.

With baccarat, you can play with multi-decks and the game was considered to have been made more popular through the fictional character of James Bond. Variants of the game include Mini Baccarat.


One of the world’s most popular games in the card family. Famed for its lavish multi-million-dollar tournaments, poker is the ultimate-goal for card enthusiasts. Its popularity is served through the game rules and the addition that players are able to use strategies to win which is a first for card games, unless you have an ace up your sleeve.

Enter any casino online and you will be able to enjoy these classic games with the chance of making real money from them. Alternatively, you can play free card games which are discussed further inside out posted articles.